OUR Community workers

Our community workers are the representatives of the Migrant Fund within the migrant communities. They are in charge of sharing information about the M-FUND, enrolling members, and renewing memberships. All our community workers are people who come from or live in their attributed communities. With their deep understanding of the communities' needs and challenges, and the trust they benefit from the communities, they are the core of the Migrant Fund project.

Chutima Chokchairat 
Community worker - Mae Sot

Chutima worked for over 10 years as a community worker in Tak for NGO's, universities and international institutions. She has extensive connections in migrant communities in Tak. 

Kanoknart Jarupong
Caretaker in partner hospitals

Kanokart is our representative in the collaborating hospitals. She makes sure that all our members get the medical care they need. She worked as an administrative assistant before joining the M-Fund.

Mu Soe
Community worker - Mae Sot

Mu Soe worked for 2 years at Mae Sot General hospital. She also worked for 5 years as a referral person at the Mae Tao clinic before deciding to join the M-Fund.

Naree Thaweejitkornkul
Community worker - Mae Sot

Before joining the M-FUND, Naree worked with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for 5 years as a community extension worker.

Nihusman Laohnah
Community worker - Mae Sot

Before joining the M-FUND, Nihusman worked for 2 years for Mahidol University to conduct surveys and projects of health promotion and HIV prevention in migrant communities in Tak.

Paw Eh
Community worker - Mae Sot

Before joining the M-FUND, Paw Eh worked with the Foundation for Education and Development (FED) in Tak province, in migrant education programs.

Saw Nay Aung Soe
Community worker - Mae Sot

Ah Chai has worked in community programs for migrants in the Mae Sot area for several organizations including World Vision, FED, and the CPPCR.

Chalee Bunnamwana
Community worker - Mae Sot

Chalee worked for two years at YWAM Thailand as a Community Workers team leader. He has a strong interest for health programs and joined Dreamlopments to expand the M-FUND in Tak.

Maung Ko Ko 
Community worker - Mae Sot

Ko Ko worked for 2 years as an Outreach Health Worker for IOM along the Thai-Myanmar border, and conducted activities of screening of tuberculosis among migrants. 

Saw Lar Poung Kyi
Community worker - Wang Pha

Before joining the Migrant Fund, Saw Kyi worked as a nurse assistant in migrant clinics of the SMRU. He now covers M-FUND activities in the rural area of Wang Pha.

Saw Naing Naing

Before joining M-Fund, Naing Naing was a  volunteer at the migrant CDTC school.

He provides information about M-FUND, and enrolls members, in Wang Pha.

Community worker - Wang Pha
Saw Gay Wah
Community worker - Phop Phra

Saw Gay Wa worked as a teacher and in migrant education program before joining M-FUND. He covers activities in the rural district of Phop Phra .

Dah Khu 
Community worker - Phop Phra

Dah Khu has 2 years teaching experience in the refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. He also deploys M-FUND activities in Phop Phra rural area.

maesot management team

Kraipaw Wanichbunnon 
Medical officer -Tak province

Kraipaw (or Lay), is a registered Thai-Karen nurse. She has six years experience in direct nursing care and medical programs for migrants and refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border for non-profit organizations.
She now oversees for M-FUND enrollment of members by Community Workers, and follows health events that occur.

Piyamas Suwanchote
Project officer - Tak province

Piyamas (or Em) trained in political sciences at Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok.

She has over 10 years experience in assistance and development programs for refugees and migrants along the Thai-Myanmar border, for various non-profit organizations.

With the M-FUND she now supports the deployment of CW in the project area. She oversees collaboration with Thai partners.

Nyunt Naing Thein
Project Manager - Tak and Myanmar

Dr. Naing has over 20 years experience in project management, including in positions with increasing responsibilities for international non-profit organizations serving migrants and refugees in Thailand. He has extensive knowledge of the target population needs, and connections with local partners.

He now manages all M-FUND operations in Tak province. He also engages in high-level representation of M-FUND with Myanmar health authorities.


Clémence Tatin-Jaleran
Independent Micro-insurance Consultant

Clemence is a specialist in microinsurance, Market Research, Pricing, Program Evaluation, Non-Life Insurance, Disaster Risk Financing. She participated in the assessment of the feasibility of the project and determination of the right monthly contribution from the migrants.

Maxime Schmitt
Independent Back-end Developer

Maxime has over 8 years of professional experience combining consulting and software development full cycle (specs - development - tests - support). Maxime has partnered with us to create the M-FUND application that is used at the core of the M-FUND project. He continues to provide support to use of the platform, and continuously developing new features.

Cecile Bonneval
Independent promotional and public contents creator 

Cecile graduated in entrepreneurship and business growth strategy, with an MBA in international business. She is passionate by the social entrepreneurship movement around the world. 

Cecile joined in May 2018. She has created the new Dreamlopments website, she leads public contacts, and is in charge of managing the M-FUND Supporters campaign.

our support team

Fabrice Gerard
Business Development Adviser

Fabrice is a laboratory sciences and development expert with 17 years experience in global health programs in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, with public institutions, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. He has supported Dreamlopments since its inception, with pro-bono business development advises. Fabrice is a philanthropic shareholder, with minority non-dividend shares in Dreamlopments.

Sasiprapha Chanthawong

Sasiprapha is an anthropologist. A former lecturer at the University of Mahasarakam in Thailand, she has also been involved in numerous social research projects on the needs of Burmese migrants in Thailand. Sasiprapha worked with Nicolas Durier for 2 years to conduct the background research on health and health insurance among migrants, that led to design and launch the M-FUND project. She continues to provide advises for the project.

FOunding members

Nicolas Durier
Founder & General Director

Nicolas is a medical doctor who has worked in humanitarian aid and infectious diseases research programs in Asia and Africa since 2001, for various non-profit organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, FHI, PATH, amfAR, the Thai Red Cross.

With Sasiprapah, he conducted the background research among migrants that led him to establish Dreamlopments, and launch the M-FUND project.

Yuitiang Durier
Founding member

Yuitiang (or Yui) is a counseling psychologist who has worked in humanitarian aid and clinical care and research for AIDS patients since 1996, in Thailand, Malawi, China. She is currently working in the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of Siriraj hospital in Bangkok, and is the Unit Chief Counselor and CAB Coordinator.
She is a co-founder of Dreamlopments.

Francois Nosten
Founding member

Francois is a world-renowned malaria expert who has led clinical research and care services for Burmese migrants and refugees along the Thai-Burmese border since 1986. He is the Director of the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit.

He has been with Nicolas Durier at the origin of the needs assessment research about the M-FUND project, among migrants living along the Thai-Burmese border. He is a co-founder of Dreamlopments. He follows closely the M-FUND and SMRU collaboration in the project.