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An Enterprise for Social Good

Dreamlopments is a non-profit social enterprise, a mission-driven private company working on aid and development, with a particular focus on the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

We strongly believe in, and aim to leverage the strengths, aspirations and participation of those we seek to help, to develop high-impact sustainable development programs.

We are currently running the Migrant Fund, a project of low-cost not-for-profit health insurance for migrants in Thailand.

The context, needs, and opportunities in development are changing rapidly. We no longer can, nor necessarily need, to rely solely on long-term assistance from wealthy nations. In today’s connected world, poor communities could be a global force.”  

Nicolas Durier.


About the Migrant Fund

Low-cost non-profit health insurance for migrants 

The M-FUND is a low-cost not-for-profit health insurance for migrants in Thailand, created to empower this underserved population to self-establish sustainable access to quality health care services. We ultimately aim to extend this service to other migrants and underserved communities in Asia, and create a regional cross-protection scheme of health access and development.


Our Founders

Nicolas is a medical doctor who has worked in humanitarian aid and infectious diseases research programs in Asia and Africa since. He established Dreamlopments Ltd in 2015. 

Yuitiang is a counseling psychologist who has worked in humanitarian aid and clinical care and research programs for AIDS patients in Asia and Africa since 1996.

Francois is a world-renowned malaria expert who has led clinical research and care services for Burmese migrants and refugees along the Thai-Burmese border since 1986.


Our latest news

M-FUND yearly report 2018

M-FUND yearly report
English version
M-FUND yearly report
Thai version
M-FUND yearly report
Burmese version



Every child should have its health ensured and covered.

A common mission shared with UNICEF, one of our closest sponsor and project partner.


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