What is the Migrant Fund ?

The Migrant Fund (M-FUND) is a low-cost not-for-profit health insurance for migrants in Thailand, created as a mechanism to empower this undeserved population self-establish sustainable access to quality health care services.

M-FUND members contribute a low monthly premium of 100 Thai Bahts (2.8$) per person (base plan), which covers access to broad quality health care services in a network of partner hospitals and clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Why the Migrant Fund ? 
  • It is estimated that there are over 3 million migrants living in Thailand.

  • Most come from Myanmar and many live along the Thai-Myanmar border.

  • One million migrants are estimated to be unregistered, and are not covered by any government health insurance scheme.

  • Millions of migrants in other countries in Asia lack also health protection and access to health care services.


Thorough feasibility assessment

In 2016 we conducted a full feasibility assessment of setting-up this project, which among other tasks included doing a financial feasibility modelling with a micro-insurance expert, engaging with the central and local health authorities, forming a network of partner hospitals and clinics in the designated pilot area, and working with migrant communities to refine the services needed. 

Design and launch

In 2017, we completed the project design, secured high-level political support from the Thai Ministry of Health to operate the project, and raised start-up resources and support. The M-FUND was launched in August 2017.


We operate with a team of Community Workers who offer peer-information and community-based voluntary enrollment, with use of tablets and the secured M-FUND web-application.

Members can select the plan of interest. Our base plan covers broad outpatient and inpatient services for a monthly fee of 100 Thai Bahts (US$ 2.8) per person per month (average daily wage in the project area = 180 THB/day). Additional options can also be selected by senior members, persons with chronic diseases, and pregnant women. 



Expansion plans

Since the last trimester of 2018, we have been working with partners to prepare the extension of the project in other provinces in Thailand. Our longer-term vision is to replicate this service in other countries in Asia and federate migrants and other marginalized communities into a regional cross-protection health access and development scheme.



1. M-FUND Community Workers give information to migrants

3. E-member card linked to a QR code card given to members

2. Enrollment in communities with the M-FUND application

4. Hospital identifies active member who receives free care paid by the M-FUND

The Migrant Fund in 2019 is:


Over 9438 migrants are now members of the Migrant Fund and have  health care protection.


M-FUND has already covered 6693 outpatient consultations and 1204 inpatient admissions for its members.


25 people are now employed with the M-FUND, mainly from migrants communities, and we continue to recruit as we extend the project.


5 hospitals and NGO clinics along the Thai-Myanmar border collaborate in the project and provide broad quality health care services for M-FUND members.

The Migrant Fund in videos