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Dreamlopments is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Vacancy Announcement

Field Coordinator


Work Location:
Trat province

Application Deadline:
23 June 2024


Starting Date:
as soon as possible after candidate selection.


Dreamlopments (DLP) Foundation is a non-profit mission-driven organization working on aid and development for underserved communities.

DLP is currently implementing the Migrant Fund (M-FUND), a project low-cost not-for-profit health access fund for migrants in Thailand not covered by government health insurance schemes. The project was started in Tak province in 2017 and has since expanded to Sakaeo, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Rai, Ubon Ratchathani, and Trat provinces. M-FUND will also be extended to Mae Hong Son province.

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Field Coordinator, to lead the M-FUND project in Trat province.


Job Overview:

Under the Project Manager (PM), the Head of Programs (HP), and the DLP President (Psdt.), the Field Coordinator (Field Co.) coordinates the implementation of the M-FUND project in the project area of Trat province. He/she coordinates activities related to the program promotion, planning, implementation, and monitoring. The FC recruits, trains, leads, supports, and monitors the M-FUND Community Workers (CW) and Community Relays (CR) in the project area. He/she participates in coordinating collaborations with project partners.


Reports to:

the Project Manager (PM), the Head of Programs (HP), and the DLP President (Psdt.)


Main tasks and responsibilities:

1. Project implementation and management.

  • Organize, lead, and coach the team of CWs and CRs for the promotion of M-FUND, enrollment, and renewals into M-FUND.

  • Participate also in the activities of promotion of M-FUND, and occasionally enrollment and renewals of members.

  • Develop monthly plans of M-FUND activities in the project areas.

  • Participate actively in the monitoring and assessment of the program and its indicators.

  • Monitor specifically, and discuss with the PM, HoP, Psdt. and also the Medical Officer overseeing the Trat area, the medical events that are provided in partner hospitals and covered by M-FUND.

  • The FC is in charge of overseeing medical events and invoices for Trat area. 

  • Occasionally visit patients who are admitted to partner facilities.

  • Prepare activity reports for the project areas.

  • Participate with his supervisors in the strategic orientation and development of the activities in the project areas.


2. Partnerships and representation.

  • Develop and strengthen the collaborations with all stakeholders and project partners (partner hospitals, partner government officials/offices, private clinics as needed, and NGO partners) in Trat province in coordination with the PM.

  • Actively participate in NGO, INGO, and CBO cluster meetings in the designated area, as and when required.

  • Act as a lead liaison with the local health facilities, in coordination with the PM.

  • Participate if needed, to identify and build relationships with potential local stakeholders.

  • As required, prepare project documentation and other promotion materials to develop or promote cooperation among teams and with partners.


3. Operations management

  • Is responsible for financial activities related to transfers of memberships from CWs and partners to DLP.

  • Coordinate for/with the Financial Officer and Head of Organization Operations (HOO) the process of recording, management, and reporting of financing/expenses of the project and its operations.

  • Coordinate and assist in the recruitment of new CW and team members as the program expands.

  • taff(s)e Line   : anaburi er

  • Ensure that all organization policies are adhered to in the office and project field.

  • Support or coordinate the preparation or implementation of stakeholder meetings and trainings.

  • Manage local purchases and logistics for the project activities.


4. Miscellaneous

  • Contribute photos, success stories, and activity updates to the Communication Officer for communication activities.

  • Other assignments as requested by the Psdt./Supervisor.


Qualifications required:


Bachelor's Degree of social science, Education, public health, or related field.


Work Experience:

  • 5 years’ experience in project coordination.

  • Experience notably in community services for migrant communities or refugees along the Thai-Cambodia border for international organizations, government agencies, or NGOs/CBOs.

  • Experience in running community health information or education campaigns is a plus.

  • Experience in successfully engaging with community leaders and representatives.

  • Experience in participating in project monitoring.


Skills and competencies:

  • Fluent in Thai and Cambodian. A good command of English is a strong plus.

  • Positive attitude towards the concept of (health) micro-insurance.

  • Fair use of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and internet-based applications.

  • Ability to operate in a multicultural team environment.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Energetic, and highly motivated.

  • Good planning and organizational skills, able to set priorities, as well as flexible.

  • Details and quality oriented. 

  • Able to follow project timelines and work under pressure.

  • Diplomatic.


Working Environment:

The position will be based in Trat Province, in either Mueang Trat or Klong Yai districts. The position requires daily/very frequent work and presence in the migrant communities of the project areas, and eventually frequent travel in the 2 districts as the operations are progressively implemented and expanded. 


How to Apply:

A cover letter/email and most recent CV in English or Thai should be submitted to:  

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